Teaser Tuesdays #102

Oggi è martedì e torna Teaser Tuesdays, rubrica ideata dal blog Should be Reading, ma che io ho scoperto su Atelier dei libri. La mia consocia grafica aveva comunque una rubrica simile sul suo blog, Dillina, chiamata Perle dai libri. Visto che io spesso ho letto cose in seguito ai Teaser ho pensato di adottarla.

Le regole sono davvero semplici e sarei felice se mi lasciaste i vostri teaser!


  • Prendete un libro che state leggendo; 
  • Apritelo in una pagina a caso; 
  • Condividete un breve spezzone di quella pagina ("Teaser") senza fare spoiler (controllate prima di postare); Riportate titolo e autore per tutti coloro che vogliono leggerlo ^_^ 

Ecco a voi il mio Teaser di oggi. ^_^

<< I’m sitting on the couch in the meeting room, waiting for someone to approach me, but all the potential parents give me the stink eye. I guess it’s because of the cuts and bruises on my face from getting in a fight again. I can’t help it; the kids here just won’t stop annoying me. It’s like they enjoy getting all up my back or something. The caretaker comes up to me and gives me a side look.
“Why aren’t you talking with them?”
“Well, I can’t just go up to them, can I?” I say. “No, but you can at least present yourself a little more … appealing,” she says, clearing her throat.
She always does that when she disapproves of me, so I hear it all day long.
“Try to put a little more effort into this, will you?” she says. “I don’t want you to be stuck here forever.”
I nod as she walks away to meet other potential parents with a fake smile on her face. What she actually meant was that she wants to get rid of me as quickly as possible because I’m a nuisance to this place, but she’ll never say that to my face. It was bad enough that she actually mentioned my parents to me, even though I don’t remember anything about them. I guess that’s life. People just screw you over until you screw them back. That’s my motto from now on, anyway. With my hands folded on my lap, dangling my legs off the couch, I look at all the other kids talking with their potential parents, wishing someone was interested in me … enough to see past the layers of anger. >>

Clarissa Wild

Qual è il vostro teaser, invece? ^_^


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